The Levellers were a political movement during the English Civil Wars (1642–1651) committed to popular sovereignty, extended suffrage, equality before the law, and religious tolerance.

Leveller views and support were found in the populace of the City of London and in some regiments in the New Model Army. After Pride’s Purge and the execution of Charles I, power lay in the hands of the Grandees in the Army (and to a lesser extent with the Rump Parliament). The Levellers, along with all other opposition groups, were marginalised by those in power and their influence waned.

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Selected Texts

AnonymousThe Women’s Petition of 5 May 16491649
Lilburne, John Englands New Chains Discovered1649
Lilburne, John; Walwyn, William; Prince, Thomas; Overton, RichardAn Agreement of the Free People of England1649
Overton, Richard An Arrow against all Tyrants and Tyranny1646
VariousAn Agreement of the People for a firme and present Peace, upon grounds of common-right and freedome1647
VariousThe Petition of March 16471647
VariousThe Petition of November 16471647
VariousFoundations of Freedom, Or An Agreement of the People1648
VariousThe Petition of September 16481648

Full List

Allen, WilliamA Faithful Memorial of that Remarkable Meeting1659
AnonymousA Remonstrance of the Shee-Citizens of London1647
AnonymousThe Mournfull Cryes of many thousand Poore Tradesmen1648
AnonymousThe humble Petition of firm and constant Friends to the Parliament1649
AnonymousThe Remonstrance of the Levellers in behalf of many Thousands of the Free-People of England1649
AnonymousA Declaration of the Armie concerning Lieut. Collonel John Lilburn1651
AnonymousThe Fundamental Lawes and Liberties of England1653
AnonymousThe Leveller: Or The Principles and Maxims Concerning Government and Religion1659
AnonymousThe Army’s Petition or; A Solemn Engagement of the Army1647
Chidley, KatherineThe Justification of the Independant Churches of Christ1641
Chidley, KatherineA New Years Gift1645
Chidley, KatherineGood Council to the Petitioners for Presbyterian Government1645
Hare, JohnThe Marine Mercury1642
Hare, JohnSt. Edwards Ghost: or, Anti-Normanisme1647
Hare, JohnPlaine English to our wilfull Bearers with Normanisme1647
Hare, JohnEnglands Proper and onely Way to an Establishment in Honour, Freedome, Peace and Happinesse1648
Harris, JohnThe Grand Designe1647
Harris, JohnThe Royal Quarrell, or Englands Lawes and Liberties vindicated1647
Larner, WilliamA Vindication of every Free-mans libertie against all Arbitrary power and Government 1646
Lilburne, John The Juglers discovered1647
Lilburne, John The Oppressed Mans importunate and mournfull Cryes to be brought to the Barre of Justice1648
Lilburne, John The Prisoners mournfull Cry, against the Judges of the Kings Bench 1648
Lilburne, John The Laws Funerall1648
Lilburne, John A Preparative to an Hue and Cry1649
Lilburne, John Strength Out of Weaknesse1649
Lilburne, John His Apologeticall Narration1652
Lilburne, John Innocency and Truth justified1646
Lilburne, John The Just mans justification1646
Lilburne, John An Anatomy of the Lords Tyranny1646
Lilburne, John The Christian Mans Triall1638
Lilburne, John A Light for the Ignorant1638
Lilburne, John A Worke of the Beast1638
Lilburne, John The Prisoners Plea for a Habeas Corpus1648
Lilburne, John A Plea for Common-right and Freedom1648
Lilburne, John A Defiance to Tyrants1648
Lilburne, John A Declaration of some Proceedings of Lt. Col. John Lilburn1648
Lilburne, John The Peoples Prerogative and Priviledges 1648
Lilburne, John His letter to his dearly beloved wife1652
Lilburne, John As you Were1652
Lilburne, John The Upright Mans Vindication1653
Lilburne, John The Just Defence of John Lilburn1653
Lilburne, John An Hue-and Cry after the Fundamental Lawes and Liberties of England1653
Lilburne, John The Resurrection of John Lilburne1656
Lilburne, John Respecting the Power of Disposing of the Militia 1645
Lilburne, John Englands Miserie and Remedie1645
Lilburne, John The Charters of London: or, The second Part of Londons Liberty in Chaines Discovered1646
Lilburne, John Two Letters Writ1647
Lilburne, John The Oppressed Mans Oppressions declared 1647
Lilburne, John A Whip for the present House of Lords1648
Lilburne, John To the Right Honourable, and supreame Authority of this Nation 1648
Lilburne, John Jonahs Cry out of the Whales belly1647
Lilburne, John The Free-mans Freedom Vindicated1646
Lilburne, John Liberty Vindicated against Slavery1646
Lilburne, John London’s Liberty in Chains discovered1646
Lilburne, John Vox Plebis, or The Peoples Out-cry Against Oppression, Injustice, and Tyranny1646
Lilburne, John A Copy of a Letter 1645
Lilburne, John Englands Birth-Right Justified Against all Arbitrary Usurpation, whether Regall or Parliamentary, or under what Vizor soever1645
Lilburne, John Regall Tyrannie discovered: Or, A Discourse, shewing that all lawfull (approbational) instituted power by God amongst men, is by common agreement, and mutual consent 1647
Lilburne, John The resolved mans Resolution, to maintain with the last drop of his heart blood, his civill Liberties and freedomes1647
Lilburne, John Englands New Chains Discovered1649
Lilburne, John The Second Part of Englands New-Chaines Discovered1649
Lilburne, John The Legall Fundamentall Liberties of the People of England Revived, Asserted, and Vindicated1649
Lilburne, John An Impeachment of High Treason against Oliver Cromwel, and his Son in Law Henry Ireton Esquires1649
Lilburne, John Truths Victory over Tyrants and Tyranny1649
Lilburne, John [with Overton, Richard] An Unhappy Game at Scotch and English1646
Lilburne, John and Overton, Richard The out-cryes of Opressed Commons1646
Lilburne, John; Prince, Thomas; Overton, Richard The Picture of the Councel of State1649
Lilburne, John; Walwyn, William; Price, Thomas; Overton, Richard A Manifestation from Lieutenant Col. John Lilburn et al1649
Lilburne, John; Walwyn, William; Price, Thomas; Overton, Richard An Agreement of the Free People of England1649
Lilburne, John; Walwyn, William; Price, Thomas; Overton, Richard An Agreement of the Free People of England1649
Lockier, Robert; Lilburne, John; Overton, Richard The Army’s Martyr1649
Marten, HenryThe Parliaments Proceedings justified1648
Overton, Richard An Alarum to the House of Lords: Against their insolent Usurpation of the Common Liberties, and Rights of this Nation 1646
Overton, Richard A new found Stratagem framed in the old Forge of Machivilisme1647
Overton, Richard The Moderate1649
Overton, Richard Sacred Decretal, or Hue and Cry1645
Overton, Richard A Dreame, or Newes from Hell 1641
Overton, Richard The Frogges of Egypt, or the Caterpillers of the Commonwealth1641
Overton, Richard Divine Observations upon the London Ministers Letter against Toleration1646
Overton, Richard A New Bull-Bayting: or, A Match Play’d at the Town-Bull of Ely1647
Overton, Richard A Remonstrance of Many Thousand Citizens, and other Free-born People of England, To their owne House of Commons1646
Overton, Richard A Defiance against all Arbitrary Usurpations Or Encroachments 1646
Overton, Richard An Arrow against all Tyrants and Tyranny1646
Overton, Richard Mans mortalitie: or, A treatise wherein ’tis proved, both Theologically and Philosophically, that whole Man (as a rationall creature) is a compound wholly mortall1644
Overton, Richard The Araignment of Mr. Persecution1645
Overton, Richard The Ordinance for Tythes Dismounted, from all Mosaicall, Evangelicall, and true Magesteriall Right 1645
Overton, Richard The Commoners Complaint: Or, A Dreadful Warning from Newgate, to the Commons of England1647
Overton, Richard An Appeale from the degenerate Representative Body the Commons of England assembled at Westminster1647
Overton, Richard Overton’s Defyance of the Act of Pardon1649
Overton, Richard The Baiting of the Great Bull of Bashan1649
Overton, Richard (or Lilburne, John)A Reall Persecution or, The Foundation of a general Toleration1647
Overton, Richard (or Taylor, John) Old Newes newly Revived 1641
Prince, ThomasThe Silken Independents Snare Broken1649
Sexby, Edward Killing, No Murder1657
Sexby, Edward Copy of a Letter to all the Souldiers in the Armie1647
Sexby, Edward A Letter from Several Agitators of the Army to their Respective Regiments1647
Sexby, Edward; Allen, William; and Shepherd, ThomasFor our Faithfull and ever Honored Commanders1647
VariousThe Levellers (falsely so called) Vindicated1649
VariousThe Hunting of the Foxes1649
VariousThe Onely Right Rule for Regulating the Lawes and Liberties of the People of England1652
VariousThe Humble Petition of Several Colonels1654
VariousA Copie of a Letter Sent From the Agitators of his Excellency…1647
VariousThe Putney Debates (full transcription)1647
Various (attributed to Lilburne, John)Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights1647
Various (attributed to Lilburne, John)An Outcry of the Youngmen and Apprentices of London1649
Walwyn, William Just Defence1649
Walwyn, William A New Petition of the Papists1641
Walwyn, William Some Considerations Tending to the Undeceiving1642
Walwyn, William The Power of Love1643
Walwyn, William The Bloody Project1648
Walwyn, William A True and Ful Relation1648
Walwyn, William No Papist Nor Presbyterian1648
Walwyn, William Juries justified1651
Walwyn, William Walwyns Conceptions; for a Free Trade1652
Walwyn, William Tolleration Justified, and Persecution Condemn’d1646
Walwyn, William A Whisper in the Eare of Mr. Thomas Edwards Minister1646
Walwyn, William A Word More to Mr. Thomas Edwards Minister1646
Walwyn, William A Word in Season: to all sorts of wel minded people in this miserably distracted and distempered nation1646
Walwyn, William An Antidote against Master Edwards his old and new Poyson1646
Walwyn, William The Just Man in Bonds1646
Walwyn, William A Pearle in a Dounghill1646
Walwyn, William A Prediction of Mr. Edwards. His Conversion, and Recantation1646
Walwyn, William A Demurre to the Bill for Preventing the Growth and Spreading of Heresie1646
Walwyn, William A Parable, or Consultation of Physitians upon Master Edwards1646
Walwyn, William The Compassionate Samaritane Unbinding The Conscience1644
Walwyn, William Good Counsell to All those that heartily desire the glory of God, the freedome of the Commonwealth, and the good of all vertuous men1644
Walwyn, William A Helpe to the right understanding of a Discourse concerning Independency1645
Walwyn, William Englands Lamentable Slaverie Proceeding from the Arbitrarie will, severitie, and Injustices of Kings, Negligence, corruption, and unfaithfulnesse of parliaments1645
Walwyn, William A Still and Soft Voice From the Scriptures Witnessing them to be the Word of God1647
Walwyn, William The poore Wise-mans Admonition unto All the plaine People of London, and Neighbour-Places1647
Walwyn, William Gold Tried in the Fire, or The burnt Petitions revived1647
Walwyn, William The Vanitie of the present Churches1649
Walwyn, William The English Souldiers Standard1649
Walwyn, William The Fountain of Slaunder Discovered1649
Warr, JohnThe Priviledges of the People, or Principles of Common Right and Freedome1649
Warr, JohnThe Corruption and Deficiency of the Lawes of England1649
Wildman, JohnA Cal to all the Souldiers of the Armie, by the Free People of England1647
Wildman, John (with Walwyn, William) Putney Projects. Or the Old Serpent in a new Forme 1647

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